Friday, January 25, 2013

Standing on a small dock the young woman sat negotiating with the seedy looking ship captain.   The sounds of the Large Trollkin singing to the beat of the work as he an Ogrun and a brooding human loaded heavy crates and supplies onto the ship for its crew to disperse.  As the laborers worked a smallish young woman sat off to the side appearing to inventory items with an older man.  Sitting back overseeing negotiations was another woman that could not shake the obvious air of military training from her persona.  Try as she might. 
The captain obviously dragging things out enjoying the company of the two, quite beautiful lades, continued in his shifty raspy voice, “look I’m not saying it’s not a fair price, but the waters get more dangerous everyday if you catch my drift… gonna require more if you want this stuff transferred with any, uh, incident.”  Quite unable to refrain from staring at the young woman’s bosom the man seemed to think he was quite smart indeed.  Playing along with him the young woman toyed with him a little putting her hand on his chest, “Surely a man of your station can help us in our time of need…”
As their negotiations went on a motley group of pirates approached as if to board the ship, these men obviously not what they appeared to be.  Moving with the assurance of experienced warriors they gathered at the gangplank blocking further attempts for the laborers to finish loading their wares on the ship. They moved confidently making a display of their strength with a thuggish attitude.  The men outnumbering them easily carried an air of malice about them as one of them spoke up to the female Ogrun, “Got some work to do here, but when were done bring yer little human friend and we’ll show you a good time.  That is, when were done with those two,” he said nodding towards the captain.  As he did so the group of men as one drew various weapons and a few pistols leveling them at the two ladies.  Shrugging apologetically the Captain feigned apology to the woman, “Terribly sorry for the inconvenience but we’ll be taking the load where we please.” Eyeing the young Lealese girls figure again, “methinks you’ll come with us lass, for some, heh, entertainment for our voyage.”