Ski's Excel Character Generator

Character Sheet Regular Landscape

Character Sheet Alt Life Bars Landscape (Thanks ThatRickGuy!)

Steamjack Sheet

GM Encounter Sheet (Thanks thegreatblah!)

GM Encounter Sheet With Active Spirals (Longer Load Times)

Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Character Sheet

A full color, double sided character sheet. Found in the appendix of the Core Rules.

Steamjack Sheet

A full color sheet for recording your steamjack's information and damaged systems. Found in the appendix of the Core Rules.

Iron Kingdoms Game Master Encounter Sheet

A reference sheet for tracking initiative, creatures, and NPC life spirals. Found in the appendix of the Core Rules.


Templates used during combat encounters found in the appendix of the Core Rules.

Core Rules Bestiary Expanded

An expanded bestiary of creatures common to the Iron Kingdoms.

RPG Bases

Use these templates in conjunction with your miniatures or on their own to indicate the position and facing of the characters in your encounters.




Fools Rush In

An Introductory Adventure.

Fools Rush In is a short adventure meant to introduce four players and one Game Master to the world and rules of the Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game. (A Game Master who wishes to run the adventure for fewer players will need to control the characters who are not selected or adjust the main combat accordingly.) This adventure contains the following materials in addition to the scenario for the Game Master:
  • Quick start rules
  • 4 Pregenerated characters, including character sheets, biographies, and reference sheets for each character’s key abilities
  • 19 Standees representing the player characters and non-player characters, to be cut out and assembled
  • 2 Battle maps
  • Fools Rush In

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