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Rocksong Family Mercenary Company Starting Adventure.

The IKRPG Full Metal Fantasy has captured my attention.  In the spirit of the Scrum we have started a Play By Post in the Privateer Press Forums featuring our own creation, The Rocksong Family Mercenary Clan' located on the edge of the Glimmerwood.  The Clan has felt call of the United Kriel and vowed to assist them in any way... at a discount of course.  We have homebrewed rules for a War Wagon and a Pygmy Troll and even have longriders already.  Come Check it out.

Rocksong Family Mercenary Company PBP

Responding to the calls for clan the motley group of Trollkin stand together around a small amphitheater in the Rocksongs family holdings. Having trickled in throughout the day none of you have yet received direction on what the Rocksongs have in store for you. As you mill about a youngish looking Trollkin woman strolls up to the group of you with confidence and ease. She carries about her an air of almost nobility and confidence that puts even the most seasoned among you on your heels a little. She begins by singing a popular Trollkin drinking song, except this time something is different, the very air around you seems to crackle with energy and you all feel excitement filling your souls, Brothan even seems to begin weeping. When he song is complete she pauses dramatically and then begins, "I am Ravsa Rocksong, Matron of this clan. We have as of late found ourselves shorthanded and in need of assistance, which is why you all are here, we have a problem getting supplies to some of our folks nearby and need someone to help with deliveries. Should you prove competent we Rocksongs also have been hired by Bloodsong herself to recover ancient Kriel Stones that are too far into enemy territory to send anyone but the most seasoned warrior to get. The pay is good, but the work is dangerous, we Rocksongs have a reputation to uphold. Should you proceed with honor we can gurantee you glory."

Killbrj - Gunnar Foxface Trollkin Fell Caller/Investigator
Tooze - Bergthor Ulfar Trollkin Long Rider/Fell Caller
Stevenart74 - Xhamuul Kholt Trollkin Gun Mage/Solider
Tuttleboy - Boxus the Pygmy Alchemist/Field Mechanic
Chip - Wild Bil Gobber Cutthroat/Explorer
AluminumFalcon - Grunk Stormborn Pygmy Ranger/StormSorcerer
Geist - Brothan Bloodborn:Trollkin Ranger / Investigator.

Character Restrictions
Trollkin Characters Preferred
Other Races would be considered with valid reasons as to why they would be helping with a Trollkin mercenary clan.

Pygmy Troll (House Class will be allowed)
Archeytpes: Gifted, Intellectual, Mighty, Skilled
Languages: Molgur-Trol, one additional
Height: 48-58" Male, 42-52" Female
Weight: 105-145 Male, 80-115 Female
Additional Characteristics: Same Careers As Trollkin
Gifted can only be Sorcerers. No Fell Caller or Trencher
`+1 Racial Defense
No Great Weapons
Character Sheets
So here is where I'd like you each to flesh out your characters, as a group. We will be starting with 6xp and +100gc from your starting cash in gear. The Rocksongs have everything you would need at their base operations to fully outfit you, though more exotic items may cost more. The adventure will be in the wilderness and civilization so the group will need those with the skills to function effectively in each setting. There is need of combat oriented and skill oriented folks. In short, discuss with the group how to finalize your characters.

Walking straight up to Boxus, Ravsa clasps the Pygmy Troll in a huge embrace and speaks to him almost motherly, "Boy it is nice to see you again, we have something to show you that I think you might enjoy." Walking the group around the the outdoor theatre the group heads through a very large stables that has nearly a dozen bison and a few horses. In the back of the stables there is a metal shop with a few Stemjacks and other Mechanikal items that look as if they are being stripped down. As you approach the back of the building there is a giant canvas covered item.

"We heard you lost your prized steamjack, and though we haven't the means to replace it old Bloodsong had something she was willing to sell us that we thought you might enjoy." Pulling the canvas you all feast your eyes on a slightly war torn and dilapidated but functional looking War Wagon.

War Wagon Rules
In addition to your normal character creation you will spend some time training together in the use and care of the wagon. It will function as Boxus Steamjack and his drives will affect the wagon His Steamjack gold will be used to outfit the wagon's weaponry. However, there are additional skills that you will each be able to choose that reflect your training with the Rocksongs in using the Wagon as a team.

Riding on the wagon Requires Riding skill and will be treated as such while you are on it. There are Five combat locations in the wagon; Driver, Left Gunner, Right Gunner, Artillerist, and Range Finder. You will not be trained in a specific position, however the skills you choose will make your character prefer a certain spot. More can ride in the wagon but during full combat in order to function only five fit on it well. Also, not all of you will be on the wagon... which is fine since some of them won't want to be on it during combat anyhow.

In addition to your normal skills each character may choose 1 additional occupational skillpoint in any General Occupational Skill.

Each Character may choose One of the following to represent your training with the wagon(this is done after your 6xp character creation). As you level you may use your normal career choices or one of the below.

Military Skills: Light Artillery 1, Rifle 1, Pistol 1
Abilities: Bomber, Cautious Advance, Cavalry Charge, Bull Rush, Combat Rider, Expert Rider, Fast Rearm (Artillery), Find Cover, Hit the Deck, Iron Sentinel, Press the Attack, Relentless Charge, Ride-By Attack, Saddle Shot, Swift Rider.
Hold the Reins: You may make a ranged attack wile driving a vehicle at -2 to your attack roll. This is in addition to negatives to attacking while mounted.

Obviously some of those will only work if you are the Driver.

War Wagon Team Training and Your Character Sheet1) Make your Character, and give him 6xp. Level him normally as per the rules in the book.
2) Give your character one additional General Skill for being a Part of the War Wagon Team
3) Give your character a military skill or ability from the War Wagon Team list for being a part of the War Wagon Team. This is in addition to your normal leveling.

4) When you level up you may choose from the War Wagon Team List as if they were part of your chosen careers AFTER you level normally to 6xp. (i.e. first one is free, additional training is not)

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Cygnar Gun Mages

Warmachine Lore: Cygnar Gunmages

Orginally Posted by Bigred at Monday, September 06, 2010 on Bell of Lost Souls http://www.belloflostsouls.net/2010/09/warmachine-lore-cygnar-gunmages.html

A lore article by Relasine

Today we are looking at one of the most chracterful units in the Iron Kingdons, the Gunmages of Cygnar.

Gun mages represent a fairly unique type of profession in most any game setting. For the uninitiated, a gun mage is one endowed with the Gift of magic and a predilection with fire arms, most often pistols. Gun mages are able to channel their sorcerous powers into their fire arms in order to achieve a number of effects depending on the gun mage's training and personal style. Such effects include granting greater range, accuracy, the ability to slam their target backwards, the ability to play havoc on a warjack's cortex, or "brain", or to allow a round to violently detonate like a mortar shell striking its target. These gun-toting arcanists have a compelling mystique about them, and are often painted as talented and capable combatants that you wouldn't want to run into in some dark alley in Ord's Five Fingers.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


The group of Trolls rode with the driver to the suspected location of the Pirate.  As they approached the farm and unloaded their steam jack a few pirates in the yard gave them notice to depart.   When they didn't immediately leave the pirates opened fire and it began.

As the few pirates in the yard began to open fire their comrades began to pour from the building quickly outnumbers the three Trolls.  Goris' pistols rang out while Hatred's axe went to work as he lept from foe to foe. Krieg's steamjack walked into the thick of battle as Kriegs spells bolstered everyone's defense.

As the Battle progressed Goris' Buffalo became seriously wounded but fought on as Arcanists whithin the pirate crew did their best to stave off the angry Trolls.  Just as things were looking up for the Trolls the Pirate boss emerged from the boathouse with two large ogrun at his sides.  Hatred rushed the Ogrun using suprise to cutdown one of them before he could fire his large gun.  To Hatred's suprise the other Ogrun easily withstood his blow and put him in the ground.  Slowly bleeding and out of the fight Hatred could only hope his fellows could save him in time.

Krieg stepped up the plate sending his Warjack in to occupy the other Ogrun while he finished off a few of the remaining pirates.  As two of the lesser pirates fled for their lives Goris shot down any who remained in his range also taking out another Arcanist.  They knew it would need to end quickly or Hatred would be in serious trouble. 

The Pirate's Handcannon whittled away at the Warjack as his Ogrun severed one of its arms.  Krieg fired at the pirate missing him, Goris unleashed a hail of lead but the Ogrun intercepted the shots one some few hitting the pirate.  As the warjack began to sputter Krieg was able to get into position to stabilize Hatred.  Hatred jumped back into action and cut the bad pirate down where he stood.  The Ogrun in defiance for losing the man he was paid to guard charged into the three Trolls who quickly cut him down.

Unable to take the Pirate Boss alive they would have to settle for the Bounty for bringing him in dead.. plus Goris got a new gun out of the deal.   Now to see if Emmy would uphold her bargain... and not be too upset that one of the workers lost a hand.

NameThomas Foley
StatsHates Puppies
Physical DescriptionNo Hair and tanned skin with a medium build.  Front row of teeth are all gold.  Has a Tatoo of a skull covering his face and head.  Expert with a Cutlass and Hand Cannon
Bounties300gc Alive, 200gc dead
EmployerEmployed by Garvin Radmonovich

Current Kill Count For Goris, Krieg, Hatred
6 Human Thug/Pirates   3 Ran Off
1 Human Arcanist   1 Ran Off'
1 Ogrun Maurauder
1 Ogrun Bodyguard
1 Human Pirate aka Thomas Foley

Friendly Casualties
1 Hand's left arm below the elbow.

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Scrum Campaign ~ Weigh Station

Their first trip had them headed to a weigh station a half a day's ride from their Inn.  Guided there by a knowledgable driver and his assitant.  They loaded their gear and supplies into the cart, tied down the steamjack and headed out to find clues to track down their bounty.

Arriving at the weigh station almost made them feel like they were entering a ghost town.  A small cluster of buildings stood in the open area all surrounding an official looking building used to catalog each item being transported through.  The driver pulled up to the shop and reminded them that the CVI's information led them to this point.

The three entered the shop to find it deserted except for the man behind the counter.  As Goris walked up to interrogate the man, Hatred walked around the outside of the building, while Krieg inspected the inside.  Hatred quickly returned finding nothing in his search while Krieg continued to study a way too clean looking fireplace with... what? Dhunian rune carvings along one side.

Monday, September 10, 2012

First Contract ~ For the Trolls

Krieg, Goris and Hatred met up to take on the world together.  From various Kriel around Thornwood they all showed up at the same place to find work... Since work seemed to find them, they jumped right into the action.
Physical DescriptionGoris is one of the best with his pistols from the back of a Buffalo.  The sight of him thundering guns blazing is terrfying to behold.  Crossing him with get you a bullet in the eye or trampled under Buffalo Hoof.
EmployerCurrently Employed by the CVI
CareersField Mechanik
 Stone Sorcerer
Physical DescriptionKrieg's past isn't something he speaks of much.  It is clear however that he is on a mission to prove something, either to himself or others it is currently unkown.   Proving something comes easier when you have a steamjack for a pet…
Bounties1000gc From the 'Society of Legal Bounty Hunters'
EmployerCurrently Employed by the CVI
CareersMilitary Officer
 Fell Caller
Physical DescriptionHatred is a man among Trolls, always at the front of the action whether it be with his axe fighting enemies or his voice tempting the ladies.  He is a force to behold and will just as soon cut you down and go back to drinking.
EmployerCurrently Employed by the CVI

Their first tip had them headed to a weigh station a half a day's ride from their Inn.  Guided there by a knowledgable driver and his assitant.  They loaded their gear and supplies into the cart, tied down the steamjack and headed out to find clues to track down their bounty.

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Beginning

They had just made known that they were looking for work when she found them.  Small for a human, with bright red hair and freckles she wore a wide brimmed leather hat with matching pants, a brace of pistols on her hips with two ammo bandoliers criss-crossing her chest.  Tiny as she was, she was almost intimidating with the sure way that she walked and the familiarity in which her hands casually rested on her pistols.  "The CVI has a job for you Trolls if yer up for it," she said casually in Ordic, "dangerous of course, but the best paying jobs always are aren't they?"  Before she waited for a response from them she nodded as if an agreement had already been made, "The CVI will help keep you supplied at discounted rates provided my progress reports on you come back favorably, I'll be traveling with you most of the way... names Emmy!"

NameEmmy Valero "The Finisher"History
ArchetypeSkilledThough Emmy claims to be noble born her last name Valero might not actually be hers.  The Valero family has denied her claims publicly and even set bounties on her head.  Thus far this has not bone well for the hunters, as each one is publicly humiliated to reinforce her claim, or dead from her pistols. The Mercenary group CVI currently employs her, where she has earned a reputation for completing contracts that others have failed.  Emmy is usually fun and jovial but her temper can quickly flare leading her to make rash decisions.  The CVI management tolerates her fiery temper and questionable claims of nobility because of her results.  She is quick and deadly with her assortment of pistols and has the ability to track and hunt effectively in urban environments and in the bogs of Ord.  The CVI currently has her recruiting for a mission they have called 'extremely lucrative' which means it is highly dangerous.  This recruiting has brought her to call on old friends, including some from a Thornwood Kriel.
RaceHuman (Ordic/Laelease)
Stats4' 7"  110 lbs
Physical DescriptionVery short with fiery red hair and freckles.  Skilled tracker both in the wilderness and city environment.  Has been known to lose her temper, shoot first and ask questions later.  Proficient with two pistols
Bounties2000gc alive/ 1000gc dead from the Valero's for various crimes.
EmployerCVI Mercenary Group

She held out the contract for them to sign, "kindly make your mark on the bottom line and please include your next of kin so we can notify them in case of... well, in case you do somthing stupid and I have to shoot ya"

The Contract:  "You boys ready for some bounty hunting?" she chuckled and absently patted her pistols.  "This one's going to be fun!"

NameThomas Foley
StatsHates Puppies
Physical DescriptionNo Hair and tanned skin with a medium build.  Front row of teeth are all gold.  Has a Tatoo of a skull covering his face and head.  Expert with a Cutlass and Hand Cannon
Bounties300gc Alive, 200gc dead
EmployerEmployed by Garvin Radmonovich

"I say we take him dead... easier that way don't you boys think?"