Monday, September 10, 2012

First Contract ~ For the Trolls

Krieg, Goris and Hatred met up to take on the world together.  From various Kriel around Thornwood they all showed up at the same place to find work... Since work seemed to find them, they jumped right into the action.
Physical DescriptionGoris is one of the best with his pistols from the back of a Buffalo.  The sight of him thundering guns blazing is terrfying to behold.  Crossing him with get you a bullet in the eye or trampled under Buffalo Hoof.
EmployerCurrently Employed by the CVI
CareersField Mechanik
 Stone Sorcerer
Physical DescriptionKrieg's past isn't something he speaks of much.  It is clear however that he is on a mission to prove something, either to himself or others it is currently unkown.   Proving something comes easier when you have a steamjack for a pet…
Bounties1000gc From the 'Society of Legal Bounty Hunters'
EmployerCurrently Employed by the CVI
CareersMilitary Officer
 Fell Caller
Physical DescriptionHatred is a man among Trolls, always at the front of the action whether it be with his axe fighting enemies or his voice tempting the ladies.  He is a force to behold and will just as soon cut you down and go back to drinking.
EmployerCurrently Employed by the CVI

Their first tip had them headed to a weigh station a half a day's ride from their Inn.  Guided there by a knowledgable driver and his assitant.  They loaded their gear and supplies into the cart, tied down the steamjack and headed out to find clues to track down their bounty.


  1. Ha I have a bounty! That is awesome. Love my bio too.

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