Friday, September 7, 2012

The Beginning

They had just made known that they were looking for work when she found them.  Small for a human, with bright red hair and freckles she wore a wide brimmed leather hat with matching pants, a brace of pistols on her hips with two ammo bandoliers criss-crossing her chest.  Tiny as she was, she was almost intimidating with the sure way that she walked and the familiarity in which her hands casually rested on her pistols.  "The CVI has a job for you Trolls if yer up for it," she said casually in Ordic, "dangerous of course, but the best paying jobs always are aren't they?"  Before she waited for a response from them she nodded as if an agreement had already been made, "The CVI will help keep you supplied at discounted rates provided my progress reports on you come back favorably, I'll be traveling with you most of the way... names Emmy!"

NameEmmy Valero "The Finisher"History
ArchetypeSkilledThough Emmy claims to be noble born her last name Valero might not actually be hers.  The Valero family has denied her claims publicly and even set bounties on her head.  Thus far this has not bone well for the hunters, as each one is publicly humiliated to reinforce her claim, or dead from her pistols. The Mercenary group CVI currently employs her, where she has earned a reputation for completing contracts that others have failed.  Emmy is usually fun and jovial but her temper can quickly flare leading her to make rash decisions.  The CVI management tolerates her fiery temper and questionable claims of nobility because of her results.  She is quick and deadly with her assortment of pistols and has the ability to track and hunt effectively in urban environments and in the bogs of Ord.  The CVI currently has her recruiting for a mission they have called 'extremely lucrative' which means it is highly dangerous.  This recruiting has brought her to call on old friends, including some from a Thornwood Kriel.
RaceHuman (Ordic/Laelease)
Stats4' 7"  110 lbs
Physical DescriptionVery short with fiery red hair and freckles.  Skilled tracker both in the wilderness and city environment.  Has been known to lose her temper, shoot first and ask questions later.  Proficient with two pistols
Bounties2000gc alive/ 1000gc dead from the Valero's for various crimes.
EmployerCVI Mercenary Group

She held out the contract for them to sign, "kindly make your mark on the bottom line and please include your next of kin so we can notify them in case of... well, in case you do somthing stupid and I have to shoot ya"

The Contract:  "You boys ready for some bounty hunting?" she chuckled and absently patted her pistols.  "This one's going to be fun!"

NameThomas Foley
StatsHates Puppies
Physical DescriptionNo Hair and tanned skin with a medium build.  Front row of teeth are all gold.  Has a Tatoo of a skull covering his face and head.  Expert with a Cutlass and Hand Cannon
Bounties300gc Alive, 200gc dead
EmployerEmployed by Garvin Radmonovich

"I say we take him dead... easier that way don't you boys think?"

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