Tuesday, September 25, 2012


The group of Trolls rode with the driver to the suspected location of the Pirate.  As they approached the farm and unloaded their steam jack a few pirates in the yard gave them notice to depart.   When they didn't immediately leave the pirates opened fire and it began.

As the few pirates in the yard began to open fire their comrades began to pour from the building quickly outnumbers the three Trolls.  Goris' pistols rang out while Hatred's axe went to work as he lept from foe to foe. Krieg's steamjack walked into the thick of battle as Kriegs spells bolstered everyone's defense.

As the Battle progressed Goris' Buffalo became seriously wounded but fought on as Arcanists whithin the pirate crew did their best to stave off the angry Trolls.  Just as things were looking up for the Trolls the Pirate boss emerged from the boathouse with two large ogrun at his sides.  Hatred rushed the Ogrun using suprise to cutdown one of them before he could fire his large gun.  To Hatred's suprise the other Ogrun easily withstood his blow and put him in the ground.  Slowly bleeding and out of the fight Hatred could only hope his fellows could save him in time.

Krieg stepped up the plate sending his Warjack in to occupy the other Ogrun while he finished off a few of the remaining pirates.  As two of the lesser pirates fled for their lives Goris shot down any who remained in his range also taking out another Arcanist.  They knew it would need to end quickly or Hatred would be in serious trouble. 

The Pirate's Handcannon whittled away at the Warjack as his Ogrun severed one of its arms.  Krieg fired at the pirate missing him, Goris unleashed a hail of lead but the Ogrun intercepted the shots one some few hitting the pirate.  As the warjack began to sputter Krieg was able to get into position to stabilize Hatred.  Hatred jumped back into action and cut the bad pirate down where he stood.  The Ogrun in defiance for losing the man he was paid to guard charged into the three Trolls who quickly cut him down.

Unable to take the Pirate Boss alive they would have to settle for the Bounty for bringing him in dead.. plus Goris got a new gun out of the deal.   Now to see if Emmy would uphold her bargain... and not be too upset that one of the workers lost a hand.

NameThomas Foley
StatsHates Puppies
Physical DescriptionNo Hair and tanned skin with a medium build.  Front row of teeth are all gold.  Has a Tatoo of a skull covering his face and head.  Expert with a Cutlass and Hand Cannon
Bounties300gc Alive, 200gc dead
EmployerEmployed by Garvin Radmonovich

Current Kill Count For Goris, Krieg, Hatred
6 Human Thug/Pirates   3 Ran Off
1 Human Arcanist   1 Ran Off'
1 Ogrun Maurauder
1 Ogrun Bodyguard
1 Human Pirate aka Thomas Foley

Friendly Casualties
1 Hand's left arm below the elbow.

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